Saturday, April 11, 2015

W.I.P tester V5 0.076 ENBseries

hello :v /

i skipped the tester series from V2 to V5 now :'v 
too lazy for searching the link lol 
If you want the V3 or V4 PM me on Facebook
Artgian Skayya

some preview of Tester ENB V5
-PetkaGTA DoF
-Fresh Reflection
-Huge envbump set
-Bloom from Master Effect
-TV levels
-Cineon DPX
-Color HueFX
with optional:
-vignette (3 different sett)
-motion blur
-another DoF settings (GP DoF & Matso DoF)
-another reflection (LowRes & another 0.076 reflection)

link coming soon :D 
note: don't steal those screenshot

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